East Hall Middle School | 4120 East Hall Road, Gainesville , GA


January 30, 2021

2021 Track and Field Season

Welcome to EHMS Track and Field.  

In order to tryout for the track and field team, you must complete ALL of your paperwork on DragonFly (Instructions are attached), passed at least 5 out of your 6 classes last semester, and join the track Remind group. 

Official practice and tryouts for the 2021 season will be held on Feb. 9th-11th.

2/9 3:50-5pm @EHMS

2/10 3:50-5pm @EH Community Center

2/11 3:50-5pm @EH Community Center

*Students will have transportation to the Community Center using our activity bus, but they will need to be picked up from the Community Center at 5pm. 


These practices dates are mandatory and cuts will be made throughout that week. Cuts are not solely based on how strong or fast you are. We are looking for kids that have a great attitude, work hard, and trustworthy. Therefore cuts will also be made based on work ethic and sportsmanship.


Unfortunately, in order to maintain a safe environment due to COVID concerns, we are having to cut a lot more than usual. We normally have over 45 athletes on the team. This year, we will have a maximum of 30 athletes. 


Students will be evaluated on which events they are trying out for (Sprinter, Long Distance, or Thrower). The following chart lists the requirements for each evaluation test. Please note that making the required time does not guarantee you will make the team, and not making the required time does not guarantee you will be cut. The first question the coaches will answer is who needs to be cut because of a bad attitude or effort, regardless of talent level. After attitude and effort, we look at the times and if anyone should change events in order to give them the best chance of success. 


Sprint Events

Evaluation Tests



100m Dash

13.5 - 14.5 secs

15 - 16 secs

200m Dash

28 - 30 secs

32-34 secs

300m Dash

46 - 49 secs

50 - 53 secs

Jumping Events

Evaluation Tests



Standing Long Jump

6 ½ - 7 feet

5 ½ - 6 feet

Standing Triple Jump

19 ½ - 20 feet

17 ½ - 18 feet

30m Start

4.5 - 4.7 secs

4.8 - 5 secs

Distance Events

Evaluation Tests



800m Run

Under 3:00

Under 3:10

1600m Run

Under 6:15

Under 6:30

Throwing Events

Evaluation Tests





Ability to learn the technique